FOAWM is a nondescript FIRM / OFFICE / ATELIER / WORKSHOP / MILIEU that believes FUNKY OBTUSE ANGLES WORK MARVELOUSLY. We believe in Nothing No Thing [No] Thing. We are a by-product of a generation that believes in horizontal and fuzzy architecture, and we are a precursor to sponges: an architecture reflective of a material which is extremely absorbent and whose two extremes are natural and artificial. We are instead FOAWM, reflective of the ubiquity of the material in our city. A friend once exclaimed, "foam is 50% of our models and 90% of our biennales." FOAWM is 100% architecture. We don't believe in black and white, nor good and bad. In fact, we believe in color as a material. We believe there is a spectrum of architecture that is more complex than our time. Instead of searching for the best, we are searching for that moment of implosion, of nothing.

We have polyvalent interests at the intersection of architecture and culture; current projects include a multigenerational home, eco-coastal home, and website.

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